Online Medium Reading & Psychic Candles

At Queen of Hearts Tarot, we can provide you with an audio brainwave stimulation that will help you discover more information about your love life, yourself, your everything else. Queen of Hearts Tarot is a strong supporter of spiritual healing. We believe that only once the soul is in peace can one begin to do great things for the universe and their fellow people. It's tough to do great things in the world if you are extremely out of balance spiritually. You have to be fully present to your purpose and that takes a lot of effort. It can take months for some, and for others the journey can take decades. There are others that will never discover their true spirituality. Energy healing is important to all of this. If you are giving off negative energy, then you will likely receive negative results from the universe.


Perhaps you are looking for something in the psychic accessories department, like some psychic candles, or clothing items? Well Queen of Hearts Tarot has a great selection of various psychic accessories for you to choose from. After all, it’s right there in the name. Queen of Hearts Tarot can provide you with the catalyst you need to make real changes in your spiritual life.


If you are tired of an unfulfilling life, then contact us at Queen of Hearts Tarot and you we can help you change that tune. We are located in the beautiful city of Schenectady, NY and eager to ship whatever items you need in your life. Check out our online store for powerful items that will remind you of your purpose every single day.