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Welcome to Queen of Hearts Tarot, Schenectady, NY definitive spiritual adviser and psychic clothing store. We can help you get a new wardrobe that represents the changes in your life that you are working hard towards. It won't be easy, but with one positive message at a time a dramatic change can be made.


If you want to fly free on the wings of metaphysical independence from your spiritual shackles, please contact us today and check out the amazing items we have available.


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Your mind is like a wonderful, beautiful and frightfully large chasm of energy and mystery. Our minds can hold so many secrets and things to be unraveled, but quite often we cannot see these things at all. When you want to unlock these different secrets and bits of information, a spiritual adviser is often not just necessary, but required.


At Queen of Hearts Tarot, we can provide you with special tools with our amazing clothing store. Get the correct shirt for the special occasion, or to keep your mind on the right track throughout the tough work day. Any day can be challenging and you never know when you will be in need of a little encouragement. The messages vary and help for all sorts of situations. There are so many things in our life that happen all the time, all around us, that are psychically and spiritually charged, most often without us noticing it at all.


At Queen of Hearts Tarot, we provide you with these exceptional clothing store services for prices that are always reasonable. You see, as we are in the business of helping others, we feel that charging high prices would not be very helpful at all. This is why we keep our prices reasonable and our services always accessible. You can always count on Queen of Hearts Tarot to be there in your time of need, especially if you need it. We are located in the wonderful Schenectady, NY and we hope to see your order come through very soon.

My readings have no set time limit, THEY END WHEN SPIRIT SAYS IT'S DONE...


They are all very detailed and informative, accompanied with guidance For spiritual well-being overall.


All readings are done Via Phone Call

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Video chat Readings Are $100



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